The Phusion Passenger RPM Repository

Welcome to the repository. Here you’ll find RPM packages of Phusion Passenger (aka mod_rails / mod_rack) for Fedora and RedHat Enterprise Linux (and derivatives like CentOS and Scientific Linux).

The easiest way to install Passenger and keep it up to date is to install the passenger-release package:

Fedora Core 18 (COMING SOON!)
Fedora Core 17 (NEW!):
rpm --import
yum install
Fedora Core 16:
rpm --import
yum install
RHEL 6 / CentOS 6 / ScientificLinux 6: (note, these packages depend on EPEL)
rpm --import
yum install
RHEL 5 / CentOS 5 / ScientificLinux 5: (note, these packages depend on EPEL)
rpm -Uvh

From there you can use Yum to install packages. For example:

yum install nginx-passenger
yum install mod_passenger
yum install passenger-standalone

Need More Information?

The source files and documentation for these packages are maintained in my fork of the main GitHub Passenger Repository (regularly merged into the main repository). Comments, questions, patches, and pull requests are always welcome.


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